Building a more vibrant, equitable & sustainable Alberta Street community.

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Please fill out our BOARD MEMBER SURVEY if you are interested and feel free to pass along to your networks. 

Alberta Main Street is looking to search and onboard a cohort of 6-13 board members to help us reorganize and revitalize our organization so that our structure and work better reflect and serve the Alberta community.

We are looking for diverse representation to help us champion equity, internally reorganize, and serve community.

The members of this 2021 cohort of new board members will help with key items such as: innovative diversity, equity and inclusion work; fundraising and organizational development; strategic planning; community visioning and engagement, strategic partnerships, and improving operational procedures. We have a special emphasis to serve our BIPOC, low income, and other historically marginalized communities, arts & culture, area nonprofits, and businesses. 

We need your help to help serve our shared community.  For more information on Alberta Main Street board and volunteer opportunities, please read our volunteer page

For questions or more information, please contact 

Thank you.