Virtual Last Thursday celebrates the artists, galleries, musicians, and other performers of the Alberta community and NE Portland – online and all summer long.  Above: Mz. Etta shares her music.

Virtual Last Thursday Activities

  1. Online Art Lessons – for kids/young adults and adults learners
  2. Online music and performance art – Initially broadcast on Thurs., June 25, Thurs., July 30 and Thurs., August 27 – then available online 
  3. Artist highlights – studio visits, online gallery tours, openings, artist interviews and online sales
  4. Online Profiles of Alberta Street Businesses 
  5. Do It Yourself Walking Tours of Alberta Street murals 


June 25 – Art Lessons

“How to Make a Mask and Crown” with Bobby Fourther

“An Introduction to Samba Dance” with Bobby Fourther

Performance – Mz. Etta and her Band recorded at the Alberta Street Gallery