The Annual Alberta Street Gnome for the Holidays is Here!

Participate from December 10 – 28

  • Enter to Win Prizes
  • Contactless, safe social distance style for 2020!
  • Walk Alberta Street with your Gnome Card to find Gnomes hidden in storefront windows, enter to win raffle prizes!
  • Directions printed on each gnome card
  • Support Alberta Street Small Businesses and Our Community

Gnome Cards are available for contactless pickup at:

  • Frock – 1439 NE Alberta St
  • Alberta Main Street – 1722 NE Alberta St
  • Alberta Street Gallery – 1829 NE Alberta St
  • Just Bob – 2403 NE Alberta St
  • Bella Pizza – 2934 NE Alberta St


gnome holiday

Thanks to our neighbors Mimosa Pottery Studio for their generous support!

You can purchase paint your own gnomes from Mimosa and paint in their studio or with a take home paint kit.

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A wandering Gnome for the Holidays gnome has decided to take up residence in the window of Scout Realty Co at 4212 N Mississippi Ave.
Feel free to stop by Scout on N. Miss and say hello!

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