Earth Day 2020 – DIY For Plant Earth

Earth Day Alberta Main Street Clean Up  Saturday, April 18, 2020 – Now A “Do It Yourself” Celebration

As a result of the Corona Virus Emergency, Alberta Main Street is recognizing Earth Day differently this year. We want to give community volunteers the chance to do something positive for our neighborhood and for the planet. At the same time, we would like to promote community health by following CDC best practices.

On Saturday, April 18, we encourage you to take one or more of the following actions:

  • Remove graffiti on Alberta Street (instruction will be shared on the AMS website in the coming weeks before 4/1; AMS will provide supplies)
  • Pick up litter from Alberta Street.
  • Pick up litter from a neighborhood school or park.
  • Plant a new live plant in your yard.

Check back here for more information as April 18 approaches.

Share Your Day and Win a Prize! – Our annual Earth Day celebration is traditionally a time when we share raffle prizes with our volunteers. That can still happen! Post a photo of yourself or a friend in action to Instagram on April 18 @albertastreet.  We will enter everyone who posts on 4/18 into a drawing and pick some lucky winners. Thanks for taking care of each other and the planet.

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Alberta Main Street is a nonprofit community organization that is operated by volunteer residents, business owners and other stakeholders who care about Alberta Street. Thank you for lending a hand and making Alberta Street one of the biggest Earth Day events in Portland!

Alberta Main Street is a nonprofit community organization working to keep Alberta Street local, creative, equitable and …. Alberta!

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