July 2012 – June 2013 Accomplishments

Alberta Main Street is pleased to report the significant accomplishments achieved working together with our businesses, commercial property owners, community partners and local residents. We have many reasons to celebrate but still have more work to do, please help support our efforts!

New Jobs: Net increase of 50 new jobs created on NE Alberta Street.

New Business: Net increase of 8 new businesses between NE 10th – 31st Ave.

Vacancy Rate: The commercial vacancy rate on Alberta Street is 4.6% below the Portland regional average of 7%.

Community Investment: Volunteers contributed over 2440 hours of their time and talent. Based on the Independent Sector’s value of volunteer time this equates to a cash equivalent investment of $54,032.67

Committee Accomplishments

Design Committee

The Design committee is responsible for getting Alberta Street into tiptop physical shape including physical improvements to buildings, businesses and public space.

  • Awarded 13 small matching grants to community partners to further district improvements within the public right of way. Our $19,673 investment leveraged an additional $31,824 in private investment!
  • Installed Portland’s first privately owned public EV charging station in the right-of-way

Promotion Committee

The Promotion committee is responsible for promoting Alberta Street as the place to live, shop, eat and play for both residents and visitors. Last year they:

  • Coordinated the 15th Annual Alberta Street Fair
  • Coordinated a joint sidewalk sale involving over 30 local businesses
  • Coordinated the Trick or Treat Alberta Street, an event inviting local residents to trick or treat at neighborhood businesses
  • Hosted 2012 holiday events shop local, shop late & Tannenbaum Madness
  • Hosted the Portland Timbers kit launch at Alberta Street galleries
  • Hosted the third annual Earth Day district clean up event engaging 239 volunteers spending over 700 hours removing 4000 pounds of garbage and graffiti along Alberta Street.

Business Development Committee

The Business Development committee is responsible for analyzing current economic condition and identifying opportunities for market growth, strengthening existing businesses, recruiting new, and supporting the overall health of the district.

  • Hosted bi-monthly small business seminars with 100% of attendees indicating that they found the seminar helpful and plan to utilize the content in their work.
  • Tracked a net increase of 50 new jobs within the district and a 4.6% commercial vacancy rate on Alberta Street, below the Portland regional average of 7%.

Organization Committee

Increased communications with businesses & community stakeholders.

  • Website: unique visitors to albertamainst.org increased 100%.
  • eNewsletter: Increased subscribers 43% with a 36% open rate and a 24% click-thru rate. (Nonprofit national average open rate is 13% and national average click-thru rate is 1.6%. (Source: 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study)

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