Alberta Main Street Mini Grant Program

Matching Mini Grant Program On Hold

At our March 2020 gathering, the Alberta Main Street Design Team decided to place the Alberta Street Matching Mini-Grant program on hold, due to the discontinuation of financial support from the City of Portland. Alberta Main Street will honor grants awarded in 2019. We hope to reinstate the program and offer similar grants again in the future.


Program goals, applicant eligibility, & project eligibility

The goals of our matching mini grant program are to:

  • Support improvements that increase storefront appeal and/or increase economic viability of businesses.
  • Assist traditionally underserved populations so they may benefit from economic growth on Alberta Street.
  • Accomplish the goals identified in our District Design Plan

Applicant eligibility

  • Applicant must own a business and/or commercial property within the Alberta Main Street target area.
  • Business tenants must have a minimum of two years remaining on their lease or an option to renew and have authorization from the property owner to apply for funding.

Project eligibility

  • Permanent Improvements: All projects must be permanent improvements that have a useful life of at least five years.
  • Located within Alberta Main Street Target Area: All business and property owners within the Alberta Main Street target area are eligible for funding. Boundaries include NE Alberta Street between NE 10th and 31st Avenues.
  • Includes Maintenance Plan: All improvements funded must be maintained in good order (graffiti and vandalism dutifully repaired, landscaping maintained, etc.) for a minimum of five years.


Types of improvements eligible for funding

Grants are available for permanent capital improvements. The use of grant funds is subject to the terms and conditions of the use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) as described below.

Exterior property improvements: Projects visible to the street, including (but not limited to) installed signage (not A-Boards), lighting, awnings, street facing doors/windows, new exterior paint.

Interior property improvements: Interior installed storefront lighting is eligible. Other interior improvements will be considered if the applicant demonstrates how the permanent improvement will increase the economic viability of the business or create job opportunities. Examples: fixtures, flooring, paint. A fixture is something permanently attached to a structure. Moveable furniture is not a fixture.

Infrastructure improvements: Projects such as sidewalk upgrades, pavers, storm water management, accessibility improvements, etc. are eligible.

Preliminary soft costs: Certain costs that may be a necessary prerequisite to improvements or renovations such as permit fees, design review, or design/architect fees are eligible.

Public space improvements & art – Projects that improve pedestrian safety and/or the pedestrian experience such as permanently attached street furniture, public art and murals, bike racks, street trees, or tree well improvements are eligible.

Learn more

Equity Focused Funding – Calculating Your Match
Program Brochure (PDF) – This PDF contains all of the program details included here.

Forms and resources

Mini Grant Application (PDF)
Budget Template (PDF)
Budget Template (.xlsx)
Portland Main Street Design Handbook (PDF)
Additional Resources
(Encroachment Permits, Sign Code, Art Bike Racks, Street Trees and more)


When are applications due? Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis while funds are available.

How do I apply? Complete an application! Applicants will be notified within two weeks if their application is approved or if more information is required. Applications can be downloaded here or picked up at the Alberta Main Street office.

When will I receive funds? Grant funds are disbursed on a reimbursement basis and will not be issued until the project is complete.

Can I discuss my project ideas or get help with my application? Yes! Please contact Larry Holmes. Larry will either answer your questions or connect you with someone who can. Larry will also be available during scheduled office hours listed above.

Larry Holmes, Design Committee Volunteer –

A grant from the Portland Development Commission provides funding for this program. The Mini Grant Program is administered by Alberta Main Street’s Design Committee

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