Alberta Street Businesses

Supporting Alberta Street Business & Property Owners

One of our goals is to support existing and new small business and building owners. These pages are dedicated to providing resources to help your business succeed. If you have ideas/resources/skills to share or if you are looking for resources or advice – please let us know!


The Alberta Street Business Census

The Alberta Street Business Census is a comprehensive data-gathering project involving all Alberta Street businesses and nonprofits. The purpose of this bi-annual collection of information is to get a full picture of our demographics, identify areas for improvement and establish benchmarks for success. We hope you’ll participate so that all business owners are represented.


Alberta Street Business Resources

Alberta Main Street provides resources to support business and property owners. Our business resources include regular small business development seminars, the Mini-Matching Grant storefront improvement program, and one-on-one small business assistance referrals. We also connect business owners and managers so that peers can provide industry-specific support.


Matching Mini Grant Program

Alberta Main Street is awarding grant funds to Alberta Street business and commercial property owners to support and incentivize improvements to your business or property. This is a matching grant program, which means that the applicant pays a portion of the improvement and Alberta Main Street matches that portion. The level of match provided will be determined based on length of ownership plus equity focused funding priorities. The maximum grant contribution by Alberta Main Street is $2,500 per project. Learn More


Local Business FAQs

What can I do about all of the graffiti? Graffiti is vandalism which becomes costly for taxpayers, business and property owners, and local residents. The City of Portland Graffiti Abatement Program works with concerned neighbors and business owners to identify, report and remove graffiti from public and private spaces. Learn More

Who is responsible for sidewalk repair in front of my building? The owner(s) of land abutting any street shall be responsible for constructing, reconstructing, maintaining and repairing the sidewalks, curbs, driveways and parking strips…Learn More

How do I get a permit for my A-Board portable sign? Signs, awnings, banners and strobe lights located on private property and portable signs (commonly known as A-Boards) regardless of location are regulated by Title 32 (known as the sign code) of the Portland City Code. Learn More


Alberta Main Street is a nonprofit community organization focused on advancing the vibrant neighborhood we’ve all cultivated over the years.

Alberta Main Street is a nonprofit community organization working to keep Alberta Street local, creative, equitable and …. Alberta!


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