Alberta Street Leadership

Meet The Alberta Street Leadership Team

The Alberta Street Board of Directors is committed to the health and prosperity of our local community. Our Board members include business leaders, active residents and dedicated stakeholders. We know that there is a special creative spirit on Alberta, and we work to foster collaboration and innovation that make us a success.

We are motivated by the cultural betterment and economic prosperity of our home: Alberta Street. There is no better proof that our efforts are working than to stand on Alberta Street and see something unique, quirky, or groovy on any given day.

Finally, we are a group who believe that by supporting our business district and our community we are cultivating generations who will understand the value of community from an early age. The Alberta Main Street Board of Directors currently includes:

Devon Horace – Chair
Danya Feltzin – Vice Chair
Jordan Haferbier – Treasurer
Anthony Reda – Secretary

Deborah Rochford
Ngum Suh
Ira Pasternack
Andrew Wright



Alberta Main Street Project Teams

Business Development

The Business Development team is responsible for analyzing current economic conditions and identifying opportunities for strengthening existing businesses. This team organizes the Small Business Development seminars.


The Design Team is responsible for getting Alberta Street into tiptop physical shape including physical improvements to buildings, businesses and public space.


The Promotions Team is responsible for promoting Alberta Street as the place to shop, eat, and play for both residents and visitors. The Promotions team organizes our events, assists with social media communications and helps with our “Welcome New Business!” deliveries.

Alberta Main Street is a nonprofit community organization working to keep Alberta Street local, creative, equitable and …. Alberta!


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