MarchSeminarBusiness Development
James Armstrong, Chair
The Business Development committee is responsible for analyzing current economic condition and identifying opportunities for market growth, strengthening existing businesses, recruiting new, and supporting the overall health of the district.

Alberta Main Street Design Committee

Larry Holmes, Chair
The Design committee is responsible for getting Alberta Street into tip top physical shape including physical improvements to buildings, businesses and public space.

Alberta Main Street Promotions Committee


Angie Heiney, Chair
The Promotion committee is responsible for promoting Alberta Street as the place to live, shop, eat and play for both residents and visitors.



Geoff Gibson, Interim Chair
The Organization committee is responsible for promoting Alberta Main Street to stakeholders and the community, managing our volunteer program, fundraising and partnership development.

The Main Street Four-Point Approach® is a unique preservation-based economic development tool that enables communities to revitalize downtown and neighborhood business districts by leveraging local assets – from historic, cultural, and architectural resources to local enterprises and community pride. It is a comprehensive strategy that addresses the variety of issues and problems that challenge traditional commercial districts.

Alberta Main Street IS our four committees!  Thank you all for your time and commitment! Interested in joining your friends and neighbors? Click Here