2016 ASF Vendors

Alberta Street Fair

2016 ALBERTA STREET FAIR Vendor assignments

The 19th Annual Alberta Street Fair, presented by Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care is Saturday, August 13, 2016.

2016 Alberta Street Fair Vendor Load-In Instructions
Message to Vendors (August 7, 2016)
Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: August 7, 2016

Type of Vendor
Vendor Name
Street Side
Animals & PetsAlberta Veterinary Care17-23N
Animals & PetsFancy Leathers29-3N
Animals & PetsPounce Play and Stay27-17N
Animals & PetsBusiness Catual16-10S
Animals & PetsFamily Dogs New Life Shelter23-8S
Animals & PetsCat Adoption Team18-14S
Animals & PetsFree the Oregon Zoo Elephants27-13N
Animals & PetsHealthy Pets Northwest20-1/3/5N
ArtWilliam C. Woods24-9N
ArtApril Black Design27-16S
ArtPaul Valentine Design25-26S
ArtPDX Coasters22-9N
ArtVictoria Buchler Ceramics28-8S
ArtWhatif Creations20-12/14S
ArtAntler Gallery27-30S
ArtMichael Barley Glass Art19-7N
ArtCascadian Craft19-1/3N
ArtChristopher Creath's Creations14P-1N
ArtJoe and Mackie Clifton24-5/7N
ArtDaniel Marhuenda Illustration19-14/16S
ArtDebris Artist22-17N
ArtDrifting Images16-25N
ArtE. Marie Astracts28-14S
ArtEntangled Roots Press28-38S
ArtJahna Vashti Fine Art14-11N
ArtGloria Baker Feinstein28-11N
ArtIllustrated Playing Cards16-19N
ArtIron Canvas Studios28-24S
ArtOptical Art and Design26-30S
ArtKim Nickens27-26S
ArtPaul Solevad Art25-23N
ArtSteam 3323-7N
ArtUnusual Cards21-1N
ArtTank Theory Brand15-17N
Artacbc Design19-26S
ArtUrsula Barton27-27N
ArtDead Cities Photo26 Int-3N
ArtColumbia Valley Artware12-13N
ArtBrian Uhl, Illustration and Screen-Prints25-11N
ArtArt by Roxanne25-5N
ArtAmy Tatala-Beck29-1N
ArtMichael DiBitetto Etchings19-10S
ArtLucy Blue Glass28-26S
ArtResonant Elements25-4S
ArtHenna Reflections11-5N
ArtIncarnation Henna Arts14-6S
ArtFrom My Garden26-34S
ArtIndo Island Arts15-10S
ArtPhyllis Koessler, Potter16-18S
ArtPottery by Marjorie27-34S
ArtScreaming Sky20-19/21N
ArtWild Land Pottery24-4S
ArtElizabeth See26-33N
ArtsCatherine Lazar Odell24-14S
Bath & BodyBotanica Artisan, LLC27-7N
Bath & BodyLive Botanical24-12S
Bath & BodyMary Kay12-9N
Bath & BodyHillockburn Farm27-28S
Bath & BodyBotanical Sundries21-24S
Campaign/PoliticalShowing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)26-25N
Child-FocusedStronger Skatepark17-17N
Child-FocusedCandy Babel Kid12-5N
Child-FocusedMaggie Mae's Kids Mobile Bookshop19-9N
Child-FocusedUsborne Books & More28-5N
Child-FocusedFelices Happy Designs27-1N
Child-FocusedCreative Thoughts23-4S
Child-FocusedChrista Pierce18-10S
Child-Focusedlolplay Kids16-27N
ClothingUpcycled Clothing27-33N
ClothingIt's Only Love Active Wear25-9N
ClothingJourney. Live. Dream.27-38S
Clothinga.ell design22-4S
ClothingAlive in Colors26-27N
ClothingBohemian Mermaid14P-22S
ClothingDapper D11-9N
ClothingEarth Hatz22-1N
ClothingElevation Trade23-19/21N
ClothingErin MacLeod16-4S
ClothingGingyCake + Fox Peak23-3N
ClothingGinza Girl Designs23-22S
ClothingHempress Arise21-17N
ClothingIvalieu Pettipants28-27N
ClothingKM Clothing Collection28-1N
ClothingWeebil Creative18-15N
ClothingZa Zen Inc13-22/24S
ClothingLittle Bay Root24-30/32S
Clothinghand full15-20S
ClothingKitty loves Lou11-14S
ClothingJason Costello24-13N
Clothinghazeldrops eco fashion16-17N
ClothingJennyfer's Boutique24-6/8S
ClothingSugar Threads27-21N
ClothingHomebase Organics15-7N
ClothingBee happy today11-15N
ClothingNadines creations26-37N
ClothingSock Link13-2S
ClothingPortland Gear26-5N
Clothingthe sojourn collection14-1N
Eco & EnvironmentPacific Power's Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program12-8S
Eco & EnvironmentSunlight Solar Energy13-21N
Eco & EnvironmentMultipure Drinking Water Systems27-4S
Eco & EnvironmentMetro15-14S
Eco & EnvironmentGreenSavers24-26S
Eco & EnvironmentA&R Solar28-30S
Education/InformationWild Food Adventures20-4S
Education/InformationConcordia NET24-1N
Education/InformationPeace Corps23-2S
Education/InformationPOIC + RAHS17-19N
Education/InformationChildRoots Center for Young Children24-16S
Food & BeverageBrew Dr Kombucha22-15N
Food & BeverageCaleb's Kola20-16S
Food & BeverageDean's Baked Goods25-17N
Food & BeverageDog and Fries20 Int-4S
Food & BeverageFranz Bakery25-36/38S
Food & BeverageGreat Notion Brewing22 Int-4S
Food & BeveragePhilippine Market13-23N
Food & BeverageOno Shave Ice26-2/4S
Food & Beverage3 Guys Grilling13-14S
Food & Beveragebig fat buns24-36/38S
Food & BeverageS&J "The Original Oriental Food" LLC24-20S
Food & BeverageFuel Cafe14P-2/4S
Food & BeverageLickety23-10S
Food & BeverageIsland Daydream Shave Ice18-26/28S
Food & BeverageNew Seasons Market18-6S
Food & BeverageHealth-Ade Kombucha13-13N
Food & BeverageTwo Wahine's Hawaiian Shave Ice15-25N
Food & BeverageIsle Creations22 Int-1N
Food & BeverageQ.PDX16-28/30S
Food & BeverageRight Bayou Cajun CuisineBeer Garden (11th)-
Food & BeverageAkasaru Ramen27-12S
Food & BeverageOld Blue Raw Honey13-20S
Food & BeverageGoodnuss26-22S
Food & BeverageStellar PopRoaming-
Food & BeverageHotlips PizzaRoaming
Food & BeverageDreamboat Coconut25-22S
HandcraftTiny Shed12-4S
HandcraftCommunity Cycling Center17-2/4S
HandcraftMistura Timepieces12-15N
HandcraftNorthTrain Designs28-35N
HandcraftOOAK Forge17-7N
HandcraftRun To The Hills leather21-12S
HandcraftSteelhead Metalworks21-26S
HandcraftYo Soy Candle LLC26-11N
HandcraftUnicorn Corner19-14/16S
HandcraftBobbin & Funk26-10S
HandcraftB Scribbles Designs13-5N
HandcraftCrafty Old Things24-24S
HandcraftMargaret Ellen Designs14P-14S
HandcraftSiren's Song Stitchery15-5N
HandcraftFree Range Creations12-11N
HandcraftSueSew Creations12-11N
HandcraftHot Glass by Gina28-4S
HandcraftJoni & Dellie's Artful Home25-8S
HandcraftMary Carroll Ceramics11-19N
HandcraftPerler Bead Jake28-19N
HandcraftSamhain Pottery19-19N
HandcraftASHIKO World27-10S
HandcraftBosky Optics12-1N
HandcraftZkiel Glassworks28-31N
HandcraftTyko Creations22-7N
HandcraftThe Twisted Hammer19-17N
HandcraftThe Regrainery11-12S
HandcraftTela Mexicana16-24S
HandcraftTara Tibetan collections14P-8S
HandcraftNEVER...TOO MANY EARRINGS!19-23/25N
HandcraftHestmark Designs13-11N
HandcraftGretchen's Fleece Pillow Cases21-11N
Health & WellnessNorthwest Fighting Arts21-14S
Health & WellnessZen Space Healing Center27-36S
Health & WellnessWorld Of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry17-21N
Health & WellnessAccess Health Centers16-21N
Health & WellnessBishops Barbershop21-20S
Health & WellnessEcoPower Fitness12-19N
Health & WellnessInner Essence Chiropractic & Healing Center,LLC28-34/36S
Health & WellnessRandall's Children's Hospital17-18S
Health & WellnessMagnolia Tree Midwifery13-4S
Health & WellnessDamsel in Defense - Independent Damsel Pro Kristie Russell11-17N
Health & WellnessNAEbalm25-6S
Health & WellnessNorth Portland Wellness Center13-15N
Health & WellnessShimano24 Int-1N
Health & WellnessColumbia Wellness Center14P-18S
Health & WellnessThe Portland Girl25-7N
Health & WellnessThe Natural Midwife13-4S
Health & WellnessLegacy-GoHealth Urgent Care17-16S
Health & WellnessNamaste Integrative Medicine28-33N
Health & WellnessSilver Willow Herbs28-10S
Health & WellnessB-Line Clinic18-13N
Health & WellnessAlberta Eye Care20-15/17N
Home & Gardenvitrifiedstudio:collection28-40S
Home & GardenCollisionware14P-20S
Home & GardenEmpty Nest PDX28-17N
Home & Gardenthicket22-12S
Home & GardenBridge City Girls23-9N
Home & GardenInner City Farm27-23N
Home & GardenForest to Shore Garden Creations26-21N
Home & GardenGutter Helmet by Harry Helmet26-12S
Home & GardenTerry Powers Recycled Metal Art15-24/26S
Home & GardenSt John's Heirloom & Plant Company28-2S
JewelryLoyds Jewelry19-4/6S
JewelryTessa Jensen22-4S
JewelryTraci Lynn Jewelry27-31N
JewelryDedrea Danilov15-19N
JewelryElizabeth Jewelry19-19N
JewelryGrayling Jewelry16-7N
JewelryLily Bead26-1N
JewelryMoore Wares12-3N
JewelryPeppermint Charms25-12S
JewelryPinna Jewelry14-9N
JewelrySonia Schilling Jewelry16-22S
JewelrySylvae Handmade Jewelry15-18S
JewelryTravel By Sea18-3N
JewelryWord Wear Jewelry26-13N
JewelryBlueRayne Productions16-1N
JewelryBotanical Bird Jewelry28-32S
JewelryCandy Amor Jewelry17-6S
JewelryDancing Moon25-15N
JewelryGoodSpirit Art27-20S
JewelryHarpy Jewelry23-1N
JewelryLilli Marie Jewelry23-14S
JewelryMoth & Twig16-11N
JewelryPeaces by Lauren26-9N
JewelryWirestone Oregon Sunstone Jewelry25-32S
JewelryBlue Panda Gems16-16S
JewelryColette Leal-Pina Coletta Jewelry26-26S
JewelryDark Moon Silver16-16S
JewelryGemstone bracelets28-7N
JewelryIndustrial by Nature15-3N
JewelryJewelry By Stephanie19-30S
JewelryJims Jewelry & Turquoise25-31/33N
JewelryLaTina's Style of Elegance14P-7N
JewelrySwan Lama14P-10S
JewelrySacred Spiral Jewelry26-31N
JewelryJewels Curnow17-3N
JewelryJewelry by Van Rossen23-13N
Nonprofit OrganizationJefferson Youth Football14P-9N
Nonprofit OrganizationKaiser Permanente16-12S
Nonprofit OrganizationEnergy Trust of Oregon14-2S
Nonprofit OrganizationHarper's Playground20-11N
Nonprofit OrganizationMaitripa College14-7N
Nonprofit OrganizationNortheast Village PDX22-5N
Nonprofit OrganizationNW Dance Project20-25N
Nonprofit OrganizationNorthwest VEG21-13N
Nonprofit OrganizationOregon Walks13-17N
Nonprofit OrganizationPolaris Dance Theatre16-13N
Nonprofit OrganizationSabin CDC14P-26S
Nonprofit OrganizationSisters of the Road15-4S
Nonprofit OrganizationAlliance for Democracy19-13N
Nonprofit OrganizationANDEO International Homestays25-24S
Nonprofit OrganizationAmericans United for Palestinian Human Rights22-11N
Nonprofit OrganizationColumbia Slough Watershed Council18-1N
Nonprofit OrganizationCerimon House 22-19N
Nonprofit OrganizationEast Portland Chamber of Commerce19-29N
Nonprofit OrganizationOregon Falun Dafa Association19-27N
Nonprofit OrganizationFriends of Trees18-4S
Nonprofit OrganizationLevee Ready Columbia26-3N
Nonprofit OrganizationOdd Man Inn Animal Refuge14-12/14S
Nonprofit OrganizationOregon Wild26-18S
Nonprofit OrganizationOregon Foundation for Reproductive Health16-3N
Nonprofit OrganizationPortland Community Reinvestment Initiatives (PCRI)14P-3N
Nonprofit OrganizationPortland Metro Church12-10S
Nonprofit OrganizationPortland Playhouse23-20S
Nonprofit OrganizationSt. Andrew Catholic Church18-5N
Nonprofit OrganizationAMS Equity Committee15-11N
Nonprofit OrganizationAlberta Main Street17-10/12S
Nonprofit OrganizationCurious Comedy Theater13-3N
Nonprofit OrganizationAmericans United for Separation of Church and State21-10S
Nonprofit OrganizationWhite Bird19-28S
OtherLiving Room Realty14 Int-3N
OtherSherri's Collection28-13N
OtherRadio Hot Tub25-1N
OtherAlbina Community Bank18-9N
OtherDoublespeak Vinyl28-18S
OtherHelium Comedy Club27-40S
OtherPink Pineapple13-7N
OtherFab Gifts21-4/6S
OtherDarkmoon Faire16-6S
OtherKweki African Fashions19-20/22S
ServiceRenewal By Andersen21-9N
ServiceWillamette Valley Bank20-9N
ServiceAmeriprise Financial26-15N
ServiceInkwater Press19-15N
ServiceGreen Box27-3N
ServiceBroadway Cab11-13N
ServiceEarthquake Tech22-10S
ServiceFinance of America28-20S
ServiceGrocery Getter Organic27-6S
ServiceMitchell Snyder Architecture28-40S
ServiceUS Bank20-8S
ServiceAdvantis Credit Union15-6S
ServicePrestige Power Systems LLC27-11N
ServiceLyft, Inc.17-5N
ServiceTiny Massage Cart22-2S
Specialty GiftsRed Sail17-9N
Specialty GiftsTarot of Cocktails27-18S
Specialty GiftsFreeginAwesomeDesign28-25N
Specialty Giftstheo kicks glass29-5N
Specialty GiftsglobalMarsha23-16/18S
Specialty GiftsStrange Magic Club27-18S

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