Public Art

Public Art

Alberta Street Art InstallationAlberta Street Placemaking
Alberta Main Street installed new gateway signage at the western and eastern ends of the commercial corridor. The goals of the project are to increase public art, develop an iconic installation that creates a sense of place, and honor the work and legacy of Art on Alberta (former arts / education-focused nonprofit) within the district. Together, the Alberta Main Street Design Committee, community volunteers, generous private partners, and public agencies successfully achieved these goals working with local artist, Ivan McLean. (installed 4/2015) learn more

Alberta Alignment: Woven Chakras
Alberta Main Street announces the addition of seven new permanent public art sites, created by local design team Rhiza A + D. The installations attach to existing bus railings at NE 13th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th, and 30th Avenues. Fostering the development of Alberta Street as a world-class arts district was identified as a primary goal at Alberta Main Street’s community visioning session; the additional public art within the district strengthens the district’s reputation as a vibrant creative community. (installed 8/2012)

The Alberta Main Street Design Committee invited over 25 local artists to submit design proposals for the project asking them to address nine overall goals. Larry Holmes, Design Committee Chair shared, “The project goals were not insignificant. We asked artists to propose installations that created a street identity inspired by the texture, character and diversity of the community, provided continuity from end to end, but with diversity of form and concept and satisfied appetites for exciting and provocative sensory experiences. We really asked the impossible so couldn’t be happier that we got everything we asked for and more!”  learn more

Functional Art

Functional Art

Designed and built by Ivan McLean

On Saturday, April 23, 2011, at the first annual Earth Day Clean Up Alberta Main Street launched the Clean Street Program. Over the summer, 19 garbage/recycling receptacles were installed between NE 10th & 31st Avenues. The receptacles (photo at left), a project of our Design Committee were designed and produced by local artist Ivan McLean out of used street signs. The funding to purchase the receptacles comes from the Alberta Main Street District Improvement Grant provided by the Portland Main Street Program. (installed 7/2011)

Regional Arts and Culture Council

Sample of hand-crafted tile for “fur” surface

A new sculpture is coming to NE Alberta Street in early December. Artists Ruth Greenberg and Dave Laubenthal conceived of the sculpture to “mirror the ebullient, raw and wonderful vigor of nature as well as our relationship to it.”

The beaver sculpture, as yet unnamed, will gaze eastward from its perch on 18th & Alberta, facing the rising sun, looking for a new day when humans and nature harmonize.  Its pose is dignified and vaguely humanized, standing on its stump, at just over six feet tall. The “fur” will be a richly, hand-crafted, textured mosaic, inviting “petting” from passersby. The form and surface will be both contemporary and timeless.

This artwork was selected by a local panel of artists and citizens, and will become part of the City of Portland’s Public Art Collection, administered by the Regional Arts & Culture Council. (installed 12/2012) learn more