NE Portland’s diverse, creative and vibrant neighborhood. A vibrant enclave Alberta Street is an emerging multicultural hotspot.

This is just what some people are saying:

One of the 12 Coolest Neighborhoods in America (Thrillist, 2/2/2015)
“North Portland’s Mississippi/Williams neighborhood will be jockeying for the position of Portland’s coolest once the dust from the endless construction settles, but the Alberta Arts District is the OG of Portland’s transitional hipness. The main drag is a 20+ block stretch that, sure, includes galleries, but also includes more than 30 bars and restaurants that reads like a greatest-hits collection of Portland food and drink culture…read more

“When first visiting the Alberta Arts District, you will be struck with the cohesion among the variety of art galleries, restaurants, and local businesses. With so much to see and do along this busy, narrow street, the Alberta Arts District can be a great place to explore…read more” – William Crane, Portland Reporter for HelloMetro

“This up-and-coming neighbourhood still has a grassroots feel, where the vibe is relaxed and either everyone knows one another or everyone’s just incredibly friendly.” …read more – BC Living

“Though not technically a neighborhood on its own,  the Alberta Arts District , located in NE Portland, is known for its funky, artsy feel and colorful, lively vibe. Based around a 20-block stretch of Alberta Street, the neighborhood is home to some of Portland’s most unique local businesses, artists and restaurants.  Homes in the area reflect Portland’s historic tendency toward craftsman-styled architecture, many of which have been tastefully upgraded over the past few years, creating a cozy, comfortable hybrid of old and new, and a neighborhood feel that welcomes newcomers and entices them into calling it “home”.”…read more – Loren Castillo

“NE Portland’s Alberta Arts District is feeling the love from BusinessWeek. (yes, Business Week). The magazine selected the funky neighborhood as one of 15 urban neighborhoods “that artists have discovered and where adventuresome homeowners, willing to take a risk, are likely to see big returns in the coming decades.” …read more