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Businesses within our target area:

Type of Business
Name of Business
Restaurants & BarsPO'TA GO501 NE Alberta Street503-477-6743
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareNorth by Northeast Community Health Center714 NE Alberta Street503-287-4932
Nonprofit OrganizationSt. Andrew Legal Clinic807 NE Alberta Street503-281-1500
Restaurants & BarsCarioca Bowls827 NE Alberta Street503-282-5613
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareGood Life Medicine Center827 NE Alberta Street 503-477-6670
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareAbundant Health and LIving827 NE Alberta Street, Suite 3 503-208-5084
Nonprofit OrganizationEritrean Community Center1006 NE Alberta Street503-252-7786
Restaurants & BarsBye and Bye1011 NE Alberta Street503-281-0537
Food CartGrilled Cheese Grill1027 NE Alberta Street503-206-8959
Restaurants & BarsAlberta Street Public House1036 NE Alberta Street503-284-7665
Restaurants & BarsRadio Room1101 NE Alberta Street503- 287-234
Professional Services - Employment ServicesBrooks Staffing1130 NE Alberta Street503-540-7930
Restaurants & BarsDonnie Vegas1203 NE Alberta Street503-477-7244
RetailDivision Vapor1207 NE Alberta Street503-281-8273
Pets - Grooming & Pet WashingHair of the Dog1211 NE Alberta Street503-284-9274
Pets - Doggie Day CareDog Gone Happy1215 NE Alberta Street503-288-4462
Retail - Candy ShopCandy Babel1219 NE Alberta Street
FOR SALEFOR SALE1222 NE Alberta Street
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareAlberta Healing Arts Center 1223 NE Alberta Street503-206-5309
Professional ServicesA to Z Media1223 NE Alberta Street503-736-3261
Health & FitnessEcoPower Fitness1237 NE Alberta Street503-673-6326
Health & FitnessForge Hot Yoga & Pilates1301 NE Alberta Street503-303-1466
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareAlberta Green House1313 NE Alberta Street503-954-3900
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsTerrell Brandon's Barbershop1330 NE Alberta Street
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareZoom Care1400 NE Alberta Street503-608-3080
Professional Services - Real EstateLiving Room Realty1401 NE Alberta Street503-719-5588
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesCupcake Jones1405 NE Alberta Street503-222-4404
RetailEcoVibe Apparel1408 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsBamboo Sushi1409 NE Alberta Street503-889-0336
Professional ServicesKIK Laboratory1412 NE Alberta Street
Retail - FlowersFlowers in Flight1413 NE Alberta Street503-274-7088
Retail - ShoesImelda's Shoes and Louie's Shoes for Men1416 NE Alberta St503-444-7767
LodgingShift Vacation Rentals1421 NE Alberta Street503-208-2581
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesCase Study Coffee1422 NE Alberta Street
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsTön Vangard1433 NE Alberta Street503-280-5280
Restaurants & BarsTin Shed Garden Café1438 NE Alberta Street503-288-6966
Retail - ClothingFrock1439 NE Alberta Street503-595-0379
FOR LEASE(503) 449-2811 or suhsequipment@gmail.com1451 NE Alberta Street
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesFuel Bistro & Coffee Bar1452 NE Alberta Street503-335-3835
Retail - ClothingZig Zag Wanderer1458 NE Alberta Street503-737-5014
Professional Services - FinancialCountry Financial1468 NE Alberta Street503-203-1219
RetailPDX Gold Dust1476 NE Alberta Street503-288-4610
Nonprofit OrganizationSabin CDC
1488 NE Alberta Street971-282-3302
GroceriesAlberta Cooperative Grocery1500 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsDevil's Den1520 NE Alberta Street503-331-7119
RetailDarling Distraction1524 NE Alberta Street971-279-2943
RetailSeisuke Knife1526 NE Alberta Street503-265-8138
Retail - Skin/Body CareBlendily 1532 NE Alberta Street503-765-9468
Food CartBantu Island Food Carts1533 NE Alberta Street
Service - Automotive & TransportationNew Rose City Cab Co.1533 NE Alberta Street503-282-7707
Restaurants & BarsHelser’s NW 1538 NE Alberta Street503-281-1477
Retail - BookstoreGreen Bean Books1600 NE Alberta Street503-954-2354
VACANTFor Lease, call (503) 257-60501603 NE Alberta Street
Retail - Art and Craft Suppliescollage annex1607 NE Alberta Street503-788-6800
Retail - JewelryGrayling Jewelry1609 NE Alberta Street503-548-4979
Restaurants & BarsRice Junkies1625 NE Alberta Street503-546-7063
Specialty Services -Home decorThe Workroom Custom Draperies1627 NE Alberta858-231-2522
GalleryStuStuStudio1627 NE Alberta Street
Retail - GiftsLocal Discoveries1627 NE Alberta Street503-209-3956
Retail - Furniture & Booksphi.1627 NE Alberta Street #2865-705-1372
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsZuzu Organic Salon1627 NE Alberta Street #3503-928-5538
Retail - Skin/Body CareBlendily1627 NE Alberta Street #4503-765-9468
VACANT1627 NE Alberta Street #B1
RetailMusique Plastique1627 NE Alberta Street, #5
Retail - Art and Craft Suppliescollage1639 NE Alberta Street503-249-2190
Nonprofit OrganizationCommunity Cycling Center1700 NE Alberta Street503-288-8864
Retail - StickersNo Limits Stickers1705 NE Alberta Street503-360-1066
Service - CleaningCourtesy Janitorial1705 NE Alberta Street503-287-7354
Retail - Paint Your Own PotteryMimosa Studios1718 NE Alberta Street503-288-0770
Restaurants & BarsLes Caves 1719 NE Alberta Street (Lower Level)503-206-6852
Nonprofit OrganizationAlberta Main Street1722 NE Alberta Street503-683-3552
Retail - ArtBunny with a Toolbelt's Window of Wonders!1722 NE Alberta Street
Retail - GiftsRed Sail1723 NE Alberta Street971-266-8472
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesBarista1725 NE Alberta Street503-208-2568
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsEarls Barbershop1726 NE Alberta Street503-249-5068
Retail - GiftsRutabaga1732 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsAviary1733 NE Alberta Street503-287-2400
Pets - Veterinary ServicesAlberta Veterinary Care1737 NE Alberta Street, #102503-206-7700
Professional ServicesIOTAS1737 NE Alberta Street, #201
Professional ServicesSolid Ground Consulting1737 NE Alberta Street, #205503-249-0000
Nonprofit OrganizationVibrant Village Foundation1737 NE Alberta Street, #207503-206-4859
Professional ServicesDorsay and Easton LLP1737 NE Alberta Street, #208503-790-9060
Financial InstitutionUmpqua Bank1745 NE Alberta Street503-219-6160
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesRandom Order Pie Bar1800 NE Alberta Street971-340-6995
Restaurants & BarsSolae's Lounge1801 NE Alberta Street503-206-8338
Restaurants & BarsZilla Sake1806 NE Alberta Street503-288-8372
Retail - ClothingTumbleweed1812 NE Alberta Street503-335-3100
Professional ServicesWater Closet Media1816 NE Alberta Street503-221-9893
Retail - Children'sGrasshopper1816 NE Alberta Street503-335-3131
Restaurants & BarsPetite Provence1824 NE Alberta Street503-284-6564
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareAlberta Street Acupuncture Clinic 1829 NE Alberta Street503-249-9300
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareFox Massage1829 NE Alberta Street503-333-2425
GalleryAlberta Street Gallery1829 NE Alberta Street503-954-3314
Specialty Services - Beauty & Personal CareSugarpuss Beauty1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 2503-913-8489
Professional Services - CounselingColleen Moloney, LCSW1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 3503-281-0243
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareWalker Family Chiropractic1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 5503-201-9098
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareRising Fire1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 5503-484-5426
Professional Services - CounselingPractical Parenting1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 7503-929-1765
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareShamandala1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 7A
Service - Landscape DesignBlossom1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 8503-837-3557
JewelryHeartcave1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 10
Professional ServicesVery True Story1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 11503-358-2370
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareThe Motion Massage Studio1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 12503-282-9119
RetailPsychic Sister1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite C
Professional Services - PrintingThink Ink1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite D503-777-1058
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative Care-Massage TherapyAlberta Massage Collective1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite F503-806-7763
Retail - MusicTrade Up Music1834 NE Alberta Street503-335-8800
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsBlueprint Modern Hair (coming summer 2018)1904 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsHilt1934 NE Alberta Street971-255-1793
Retaila&bé bridal shop2000 NE Alberta Street503-673-2222
Pets - Food & SuppliesThe Filling Station Pet Supplies2001 NE Alberta Street503-249-6571
Retail - Shoe StorepedX2005 NE Alberta Street503-460-0760
Restaurants & BarsImperial Bottle Shop & Tap Room2006 NE Alberta Street
Professional ServicesContext Parters2009 NE Alberta Street, Suite 201503-575-4850
Professional Services - PRResource Media2009 NE Alberta Street, Suite 205503-719-5626
VACANTVACANT2009 NE Alberta Street, Suite 206
Nonprofit OrganizationCenter for Biological Diversity2009 NE Alberta Street, Suite 207971-717-6405
Professional Services Avenue Agency2009 NE Alberta Street, Suite 211206-919-4871
Restaurants & BarsProud Mary Cafe2012 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsVia Chicago2013 NE Alberta Street503-719-6809
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsBishops Barbershop 2016 NE Alberta Street503-546-4171
Restaurants & BarsBunk Sandwiches2017 NE Alberta Street503-328-2865
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareAlberta Eye Care2021 NE Alberta Street
FOR LEASEFOR LEASE2022-2026 NE Alberta Street
RetailModo Boutique2025 NE Alberta Street971-271-8674
Restaurants & BarsBoxer Ramen2032 NE Alberta Street503-946-1619
Restaurants & BarsSalt & Straw Ice Cream2035 NE Alberta Street503-208-3867
Restaurants & BarsLittle Big Burger2038 NE Alberta Street503-206-4997
Restaurants & BarsBollywood Theater2039 NE Alberta Street971-200-4711
Nonprofit OrganizationAmerican Legion2104 NE Alberta Street503-284-7272
Restaurants & BarsEl Nutri Taco2124 NE Alberta Street503-788-3492
Professional Services - Furniture RefinishingAladdin Finishers2127 NE Alberta Street503-282-6411
Professional OfficeBishops Management, Inc2132 NE Alberta Street
Retail - Fabric StoreBolt Neighborhood Fabric Boutique2136 NE Alberta Street503-287-2658
Retail - Yarn StoreClose Knit2140 NE Alberta Street503-288-4568
Restaurants & BarsCiao Vito2203 NE Alberta Street503-282-5522
Retail - Market & Bottle ShopSupper Fly Market2203 NE Alberta Street503-282-5522
Restaurants & BarsPine State Biscuits2204 NE Alberta Street503-477-6605
Restaurants & BarsGreat Notion Brewing2204 NE Alberta Street503-548-4491
Food CartSip Juice Bar2210 NE Alberta Street503-680-5639
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareTiny Massage Cart
2210 NE Alberta Street503-607-4991
Restaurants & BarsBack to Eden Bakery Cafe2215 NE Alberta Street503-477-5022
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesBack to Eden Bakery Dessert Bar2217 NE Alberta Street503-477-5022
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesTownshends Teahouse2223 NE Alberta Street503-445-6699
Tattoo ShopOptic Nerve Arts2224 NE Alberta Street503-287-0339
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareBody Aware Massage2225 NE Alberta Street503-287-1444
Professional Services - AttorneyNW Debt Relief2225 NE Alberta Street503-860-6868
Retail - ClothingAmelia2230 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsHana by Sushi Hana2236 NE Alberta Street503-719-6984
Retail - GiftsHabromania2303 NE Alberta Street503-223-0767
Restaurants & BarsThe Knock Back2315 NE Alberta Street503-284-4090
Restaurants & BarsCruzroom2338 NE Alberta Street503-208-3483
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesJust Bob2403 NE Alberta Street503-467-4656
Retail - ClothingThe Pencil Test2407 NE Alberta Street971-266-8611
Restaurants & BarsAlleyway Café & Bar2415 NE Alberta Street503-287-7760
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsAll Teased Up Hair Studio2517 NE Alberta Street503-249-0672
Restaurants & BarsTONSAI2525 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsEnzo’s Caffe Italiano2529 NE Alberta Street503-222-1601
Restaurants & BarsMae Ploy Thai Cuisine2531 NE Alberta Street503-281-6180
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsTastemakers Salon2616 NE Alberta Street503-287-3996
Specialty Services - Organic Spray Tanning & WaxingSheShe Spa2616 NE Alberta Street503-369-9532
Restaurants & BarsWaffle Window2624 NE Alberta Street503-265-8031
Restaurants & BarsThai Noon2635 NE Alberta Street503-282-2021
Health & FitnessPeak Performance2640 NE Alberta Street503-288-4500
Retail - ClothingSuite 6 Boutique2641 NE Alberta Street503-517-0305
Restaurants & BarsTeote (coming soon)2700 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsThe Station2703 NE Alberta Street503-284-4491
Restaurants & BarsAkasaru Ramen2712 NE Alberta Street971-284-7000
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareVital Ways2714 NE Alberta Street503-914-7908
Restaurants & BarsBinks2715 NE Alberta Street503-493-4430
2724 NE Alberta Street
GalleryAntler Gallery & Store2728 NE Alberta Street805-453-4191
VACANT2738 NE Alberta Street
Professional Services - ContractorsRiggins Remodeling2739 NE Alberta Street503-284-3285
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesAngel’s Donuts & Ice Cream2805 NE Alberta Street503-284-4510
GroceriesLaPlayita Market2815 NE Alberta Street503-284-5676
Restaurants & BarsLaSirenita2817 NE Alberta Street503-335-8283
VACANTFor Lease +/- 1400 SF (plus basement)2827 NE Alberta Street
Nonprofit OrganizationBlack United Fund of Oregon2828 NE Alberta Street503-282-7973
Restaurants & BarsLa Bonita2839 NE Alberta Street503-281-3662
Retail - HerbariumClary Sage Herbarium2841 NE Alberta Street503-236-6737
Retail - WineViola Wine Cellars2901 NE Alberta Street503-318-5053
Restaurants & BarsBernie’s Southern Bistro2904 NE Alberta Street503-282-9864
Retail - Bike ShopGladys Bikes2905 NE Alberta Street
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesCaffe Vita2909 NE Alberta Street503-954-2171
Health & FitnessUrban Pilates2915 NE Alberta Street503-505-9203
GalleryAmpersand Gallery & Fine Books2916 NE Alberta Street503-805-5458
Nonprofit OrganizationGreater Than2916 NE Alberta Street503-287-7203
Retail - GiftsCORD2916 NE Alberta Street503-805-5537
Retail - Shoe StorePie Footwear2916 NE Alberta Street503-288-1999
Restaurants & BarsDarSalam2921 NE Alberta Street503-206-6148
Restaurants & BarsT.C. O'Leary's2926 NE Alberta Street503-477-5969
Retail - GiftsRedbird Studio2927 NE Alberta Street503-593-0833
Retail - ClothingUna Pluma2929 NE Alberta Street503-757-7436
Retail - JewelryClaudio Starzak Jewelry2929 NE Alberta Street971-413-0614
GalleryFlight 642934 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsBella Pizza2934 NE Alberta Street503-282-0600
GalleryGuardino Gallery2939 NE Alberta Street503-281-9048
Restaurants & BarsStella Taco2940 NE Alberta Street503-288-3400
Entertainment VenuesAlberta Rose Theatre3000 NE Alberta Street503-719-6055
GalleryJung Ka Hee Gallery3003 NE Alberta Street
FOR LEASEFOR LEASE3003 NE Alberta Street
Professional Services - iPhone RepairThe Fix Hut3008 NE Alberta Street503-442-2885
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsBarber-Q3010 NE Alberta Street503-493-2525
RetailROAR3012 NE Alberta Street503-894-9575
Restaurants & BarsVita Café3023 NE Alberta Street503-335-8233
Restaurants & BarsCha`ba Thai3024 NE Alberta Street503-719-6917
Specialty ServicesPortland Fretworks3027 NE Alberta Street503-249-3737
Restaurants & BarsUrdaneta3033 NE Alberta Street503-288-1990
Restaurants & Bars Kargi Gogo Georgian Kitchen (summer 2018) 3039 NE Alberta Street
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareZen Space: Acupuncture + Massage + Chiropractic4927 NE 30th Avenue503-281-0681
Nonprofit OrganizationBitch Media4930 NE 29th Avenue503-282-5699
Retail - ClothingBristlecone4932 NE 30th Avenue503-358-3395
Retail - Home & Gardenthicket4933 NE 23rd Avenue503-926-3817
Restaurants & BarsTiki Tea (coming soon)4936 NE 16th Avenue
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsZuzu Organic Salon (coming soon)4940 NE 16th Avenue503-928-5538
Nonprofit OrganizationLifeWorks/Umoja Center4941 NE 17th Avenue
Restaurants & BarsSwiss Hibiscus4950 NE 14th Avenue503-477-9224
Retail - Furniture & DecorA Life Designed4966 NE 14th Avenue360-359-8458
Retail - Art GallerySide Door Ceramic Gallery5001 NE 30th Avenue207-239-6186
Professional Services - PaintingThe Rodriguez Corporation5005 NE 14th Avene503-245-4035
Retail - BookstoreMonograph Bookwerks5005 NE 27th Avenue
LodgingCaravan-The Tiny House Hotel5009 NE 11th Avenue
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareBrave Birth Doula Care5010 NE 9th Ave. Unit B971-266-1503
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsRed Magnolia Salon5011 NE 13th Avenue503-719-7930
Tattoo ShopFreaks and Geeks Tattoo Studio5014 NE 24th Avenue503-317-1325
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsRose City Barbers5018 NE 22nd Avenue503-284-6008
Professional ServicesSuvoda5019 NE 21st Avenue

Nearby businesses:

Type of Business
Name of Business
Service - Construction/HandymanJobs by Rob, LLC4546 NE 21st Avenue503-789-8069
Retail - Children'sMilagros5433 NE 30th Avenue503-493-4141
Professional Services - LegalLaw Office of Celia A. Barlow5257 NE MLK Jr., Blvd.503-974-4948
Professional Services-Music LessonsPQB Productions4815 NE 23rd Avenue 541-912-8628
Entertainment VenueAlberta Abbey126 NE Alberta Street503-897-7037
Health & Fitness - self defenseCascadia Self Defense4927 NE 14th Avenue206-289-0171
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative Care-Massage TherapyConcordia Wellness6138 NE 31st Avenue503-449-7631
PreschoolHummingbird Preschool5254 NE 18th Avenue503-750-0500
Professional Services -Law OfficeNeil Meyers PC4927 NE 14th Avenue206-289-0171
Nonprofit OrganizationPortland Story Theater3333 NE 15th Avenue503-284-2226
Health & FitnessMe Fitness Studios4943 NE MLK Jr. Blvd503-282-7900