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Check out our galleries and discover the plethora of art in nearly every business on Alberta Street. From restaurants and bars to dress shops and wellness studios, with very little exception you will find a rotating roster of artists represented on their walls.

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You will also find new works at:
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Radio Room

LAST THURSDAY @ Alberta Street
Sep 25 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

large_last-thursdayLast Thursday 2014

Last Thursday on Alberta Street happens year round with Alberta Street galleries hosting new shows. May – September, Alberta Street is closed to automobile traffic between NE 15th – 30th Avenues from 6 – 9PM.

As might be obvious from it’s name – Last Thursday takes place on the Last Thursday of each month.

Chad Stover in Mayor Charlie Hales’ office is the logistics coordinator for the 2014 summer events. Below is some basic information about the event. Please contact Chad Stover if you have additional questions. Phone: (503) 823-4027 Email:

Visitors:  Thank you for visiting Alberta Street! Last Thursday can be a great way to check out our community.  You can do a few simple things to make the event a success.

  1. Ride your bike or take public transportation to Alberta Street. The event takes place in a residential neighborhood business district and parking is limited. If you must drive, please don’t block resident driveways.
  2. Pick up after yourself and sometimes others! The impact of sometimes as many as 20,000 people on our street in the course of 3 hours is significant. You can help by making sure you use garbage and recycling stations provided and if you see someone else did not, we’d appreciate your help picking up after them!
  3. Have fun, enjoy our street, the art and our businesses and be a responsible human being! If you drink, drink responsibly in our licensed establishments , open containers in the public right of way is prohibited. If you need to use the restroom, use a portopotty or restroom in one of our businesses.

2014 Changes to Last Thursday

  • The event will end at 9PM (the street opening will begin at 15th, it will likely be closer to 10PM by the time the street is open at 30th)
  • Police will strictly enforce open-container drinking in the right of way, as well as marijuana use. Neither was enforced strictly in the past.
  • The noise office and police will work to bring street musicians within compliance of the city’s noise code.
  • The city will look for ways to cover the extraordinary costs borne by taxpayers. Possibilities include applying fees to restaurants and bars that are open during the event, food vendors in the street, artists and performers.

Read Mayor’s Office May 9th Press Release