Resources for Exterior Improvements

Encroachments in the Public Right of Way

“Right-of-Way” is the area between neighboring properties and includes street surfaces, curbs and sidewalk, and also frequently includes additional areas on either side of the sidewalk. Rights-of-way are generally dedicated to the movement of vehicles, pedestrians and/or goods. However, the City of Portland’s transportation policy allows for some privately owned structures to be located in the public right-of-way (“encroachments”) as long as certain conditions are met.

Sign and Code Permitting

Bureau of Development Services updated the City of Portland Sign Code program implementation responsibilities, since then staff has continued to evolve and improve the process for submittal, review and issuance of sign related permits and implementation of the Sign Code.

Sign and Awning Permits

Sign and Awning Program Guide

Bike Parking (general)

The Portland Bureau of Transportation provides publicly accessible bicycle parking and works with businesses and the community to provide better long and short-term bicycle parking throughout the city. A free bicycle rack can be installed on the sidewalk in front of your business as long as the location meets the minimum requirements. more…

Art Racks (Non-standard Bicycle Racks)

The Portland Bureau of Transportation recognizes that the installation of bicycle parking racks, especially racks of innovative and aesthetic designs by property owners, improves Portland’s transportation infrastructure and enhances Portland’s image as a livable, innovative city. more…

Street Trees

Before planting a tree on the city right-of-way, you need to obtain a Planting Permit. The right-of-way is generally the area between the sidewalk and the street, and includes the planting strip for street trees. Planting permits are free and include an on-site inspection. more…

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