Resources for Residents

The Alberta Street Business District directly intersects with the Concordia, Vernon & King neighborhoods and also serves the nearby Sabin neighborhood. We hope you will find resources here to help you support your local business district and your community. We also hope you will let us know how we can help you gain access to information you are looking for…

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Concordia Neighborhood Association The Concordia Neighborhood is bounded by NE Columbia Boulevard on the north, NE Prescott on the south, NE 42nd Avenue on the east and NE 22nd Avenue on the west. Excluded from the neighborhood is the small area surrounded by NE Alberta Court on the north to NE Prescott on the south and NE 42nd Avenue on the east and NE 33rd Avenue on the west.

Vernon Neighborhood Association Vernon is a small neighborhood of peaceful streets lined with cute, well-kept bungalows and cottages. The neighborhood’s proximity to both the Alberta Arts District and the shops and restaurants along NE Fremont Street, combined with its housing prices, make Vernon a popular place for first time homebuyers. Alberta Park is within walking distance, as is Vernon Elementary. Vernon also boasts a diverse population, a solid community with plenty of amenities.

King Neighborhood Association We’re here to provide access to local government and to provide support to residents and businesses in the King Neighborhood. The King Neighborood is located in inner Northeast Portland, Oregon, 97211. It is home to a diverse group of residents and businesses.

Sabin Neighborhood Association Sabin is centrally located within the city in inner Northeast Portland. Convenient to shopping, cultural activities, jobs, and a variety of housing, Sabin is a wonderful place to live, work, play, and shop. The Sabin neighborhood is located roughly between NE Wygant and NE Siskiyou, NE 23rd and NE 10th Avenues in Portland, Oregon. The neighborhood is ideally located close to downtown, the Lloyd District and job centers near the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods: As a core part of the Portland Community Engagement System, NECN serves as one of seven district coalitions advancing neighborhood livability through highly inclusive civic engagement. Our organization is set up as an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit for more opportunities to respond to community needs. We believe in creating healthy communities by engaging citizens to become directly involved in determining how their neighborhood evolves. We invite all North and Northeast residents to become an active part of their neighborhoods at the association or coalition level!

Sustainability Resources

Get a Home Energy Audit Most every home can be made more energy efficient—it’s all about knowing where to begin and determining what fits within your budget. Energy Trust offers three easy ways to evaluate and improve your home’s energy performance, and provides cash incentives to help complete your improvement projects.

Clean Energy Works Portland℠ is a pilot program that is helping up to 500 qualified Portland homes finance and install energy efficiency upgrades. The pilot offers homeowners access to low-cost financing for energy efficiency home improvements, like new insulation or the installation of a high efficiency furnace or water heater. To help decide which upgrades and financing options make sense, participants will receive the assistance of a qualified Energy Advocate throughout the process.

The Solarize Portland project hopes to help Portland residents overcome the logistical hurdles of going solar powered at home = Who to hire? What to buy? What to budget? Where to start?  With Solarize Portland, interested neighbors are joining forces to conquer the pick, purchase and install process as a team.