Unwanted News Racks

newsrackUnwanted News Racks

Single‐use publication news racks are one of the many items competing for the use of public spaces. The widespread and haphazard distribution of these racks is a particular problem in active, pedestrian‐oriented neighborhoods. They often clog the right‐of‐way, creating obstacles for pedestrians and mass transit riders.

Local building owners and shopkeepers can participate in reducing the proliferation of single‐use publication boxes. The City of Portland code Title 17/Public Improvements ‐ Chapter 17.28.020 specifies the responsible party for side‐walk management as the owner of the property that abuts the right‐of‐way.  This makes the property owner responsible for news rack encroachments which are placed haphazardly and aggressively by publishers. A publisher can place news racks all over the right of way without knowledge or permission from the property owner and without regard to encroachment or ADA violations. There is also no current City ordinance requiring that the boxes be maintained or even that they contain publications.

Good news! If you do not want news rack boxes on the sidewalk outside your store obstructing a crosswalk, hindering access to your business, encouraging graffiti, or accumulating trash you can take action and take back control of the sidewalks.

  1. If you are a building owner, contact the owner of the news rack(s) and request that the news rack(s) be removed from the sidewalk adjacent to your building.
  2. If you are a business owner, contact the building owner and request that the news rack(s) be removed from the sidewalk adjacent to your building.

Below is the contact information for a few of the publishers. Let them know you want their news rack box removed!
Apartment Finder Magazine rlarsen@apartmentfinder.com
Apartment Guide/Yellowbook/Rentals.com rleanna@distributech.net
Asian Reporter news@asianreporter.com
Bear Deluxe edpen1000@yahoo.com
Daily Journal of Commerce rynni.henderson@djcOregon.com
DriveTime codonnell@oregonian.com
Epoch Times feedback@epochtimes.com
Home Seekers info@hsmagazine.com
Jewish Review cindy@ojlife.com
Metro Parent publisher@metro‐parent.com
Northwest Examiner allan@nwexaminer.com
NW Film Center School of Film info@nwfilm.org
Oregonian nealburke@oregonian.com
Portland Menu Guide info@1030media.com
Portland Mercury jwilliams@portlandmercury.com
Portland Observer markw@portlandobserver.com
Portland Tribune kstephens@commnewspapers.com
Real Estate Book cirita@comcast.net
Redirect Guide info@redirectguide.com
Willamette Week rlehrkind@wweek.com