Benefits of Alberta Main Street

For Retail Business Owners
• Increased foot traffic & sales
• Improved image
• Increased value of business
• Coordinated efforts between local businesses
• Increased quality of life
• Educational opportunities
• District marketing strategies
• Better business mix
• Community pride
• Infrastructure for addressing needs/issues
For Commercial Property Owners
• Increased occupancy rates
• Rent stabilization or increase
• Increased property values
• Increased stability
• Assistance with tax credits, grants, loan programs, design and cooperative maintenance
• Communication medium with other property owners
• Better district image
For Service Business Owners
• Image building/improvement
• New/renewed/repeated exposure
• Increased variety of services
• Healthier economy generates new/more businesses
• Increased population, new customers
• Improved image, creates new market
For Local Residents and Consumers
• Enhanced marketplace
• Sense of pride in business district
• Social/cultural activities
• Sense of community
• Opportunity to participate/volunteer
• Better communication
• Property values increase
For Utilities
• Additional business customers
• Longer business hours
• More employees
• Healthy businesses
• Healthy economy
• Ensure quality in Main Street public improvements
For Financial Institutions
• Community Reinvestment Act compliance
• Potential growth for loans, deposits, and other services
• Improved image and good will
• Survival of community, critical to bank success and economic stability
For Municipal Government
• Healthy economy & more jobs
• Positive perception community
• Better relations between local government and private sector
• Increased tax base
• Increased tourism
• Increased property values
• Increased volunteer base for city
• Impetus for public improvements
• Information resource for city leaders