What types of vendors are not allowed?

The following vendors/types of vendors are not allowed at Alberta Street Fair:

  • Vendors not appropriate for a family event.
  • Vendors incompatible with Alberta Main Street’s mission.
  • Vendors who violate Alberta Main Street’s Anti-Discrimination policy.
  • Vendors wanting to serve, sample or sell alcohol*.
  • Vendors wanting to serve, sample or sell marijuana or marijuana items.

*We do not allow vendors to serve or sell alcohol outside of the beer garden. If you are interested in donating product to one of our beer garden’s, please let our vendor coordinator know and she will pass your information on.

Occasionally we have an overwhelming number of vendors in a particular area, such as face painting. In these cases, we may choose to limit the number of similar vendors that are allotted booth space. Early applicants are given preference.

The Alberta Street Fair planning committee has complete discretion in allowing/denying any vendor.


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