What is required of Food Vendors?

All Food Vendors must have a temporary restaurant license, proof of insurance, be prepared to undergo a health inspection on site and provide 10 meal tickets to Alberta Main Street.

Temporary Restaurant License: Each entity that wishes to sell or give out food to the general public during a special event is required by Oregon law to obtain a temporary restaurant license, with limited exceptions. Food vendors must submit a temporary restaurant license application to Multnomah County and pay license fee two weeks prior to the event. For more information visit multco.us/services/temporary-food-events

Insurance: All food vendors must supply Alberta Main Street with a $1,000,000 Certificate of Insurance. Certificate must name: Alberta Main Street as an additional insured party for the date of the event. Please email electronic copy of the proof of insurance to streetfairvendor@albertamainst.org or fax to (503) 688-1325.

Meal Tickets: All prepared food vendors must provide 10 meals to The Alberta Street Fair. We will produce coupons which are redeemable at food vendor booths during the day of the event; you may select what menu item you would like us to use to honor the food voucher. Please email selected items to streetfairvendor@albertamainst.org prior to the event and we can communicate this with event staff.

It is up to food vendors to research requirements and comply with the requirements.

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