EV Charging Station Installation

EV Charging Station on Alberta Street

Alberta Street Portland EV Charging StationFormer Mayor Sam Adams, Commissioner Amanda Fritz, Brett Anderson (property owner) and Sara Wittenberg and Larry Holmes from Alberta Main Street cut the ribbon on the Portland’s first privately owned EV charging station in the Public Right-of-Way on Tuesday, June 4.
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In July 2010, the Portland Bureau of Transportation adopted a first-in-the-nation policy geared at streamlining the process for deployment of publicly available charging stations including a provision for limited use of the right-of-way for EV charging. As Portland’s first privately owned charging station in the public right-of-way, Alberta Main Street’s goals are to encourage expansion of Portland’s EV infrastructure as well as to charge the Alberta district.

“Alberta Street’s EV station provides another spark of creative innovation in the city,” said Alex Bejarano, Portland Bureau of Transportation development services manager. “We applaud the commitment Alberta Main Street showed in pioneering a private installation and in expanding service for visitors and shoppers who are reaching the area in electric cars.”

“Alberta Street welcomes EV owners to charge their vehicles at the station while they browse, shop and enjoy the district,” said Sara Wittenberg, Executive Director of Alberta Main Street. “The station fills a need for EV infrastructure in Northeast Portland, puts us on the EV charging map and helps fulfill our mission which includes developing Alberta Street as a vibrant, creative and sustainable commercial district.”

In February 2013, the EV industry group Drive Oregon released a report noting the economic value of EVs in Oregon. The Northwest Economic Research Center estimates that the economic activity from the Oregon EV industry creates about 1600 jobs and more than $266 million in economic value.

John Jackley of the Portland Development Commission said, “The station on Alberta Street will boost the infrastructure for the electric car movement while demonstrating the potential for job-creating innovation and a bigger industry role for local companies like Shorepower Technologies, which manufactured the station.” PDC provided funding for the project.

The charging station, a collaborative effort between property owner 20 Alberta LLC, Alberta Main Street, the Portland Development Commission and the City of Portland, accommodates two vehicles at a time and will provide electricity at no cost to EV drivers. Drivers can add up to 30 miles of range per hour of charging. The property owner will pay the electric bill for EV drivers using the station and Alberta Main Street will help fundraise to ensure this does not become overly burdensome. EV enthusiasts and project supporters can contribute here.