Resource Team Visit

Resource Team Visit

The Resource Team Visit provided to the Alberta district in June 2011 was coordinated by the Portland Main Street Program at the Portland Development Commission (PDC). The following report is a summary of the observations and recommendations of the Main Street Resource Team of commercial revitalization professionals who spent three days in Alberta. This report is based upon meetings, interviews, and business visits with a varied cross section of individuals and groups (approximately 75 individuals); tours of the district and surrounding area; an extensive on-site evaluation of the commercial district; examination of the background materials made available during the team‘s visit; and concentrated evaluation sessions with team members.

At the conclusion of the visit, the Resource Team offered program leaders and the general public a preview of this report through a PowerPoint presentation and provided an opportunity for feedback on initial observations and recommendations. The Resource Team provided a one- page summary for each committee to use as a guide until the detailed Resource Team report was completed. The team‘s final recommendations to the Alberta Main Street Program are included in this full report and are organized according to the Main Street Four-Point Approach® – Organization, Promotion, Economic Restructuring, and Design.

THE RESOURCE TEAM INCLUDED: Organization: Elise Tinsley, National Corporation for Community Service, Washington DC Promotion: Kathy La Plante, National Trust Main Street Center Design: Anthony Rubano, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Springfield, IL Economic Restructuring: Matthew Wagner Ph.D.; Nitro Development LLC and Parkside SBDC at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. From the Portland Main Street Program: Claudia Plaza, Main Street Coordinator


In 2009, the City of Portland and the Portland Development Commission (PDC) launched Portland Main Street, which uses the comprehensive Main Street Four Point Approach® for revitalizing traditional commercial districts. PDC is coordinating with the National Trust for Historic Preservation‘s Main Street Center on this program, serving as the coordinating and administering agency.

Implementing a ―green Main Street program was a key objective identified in the 2009 City of Portland Economic Development Strategy. The Portland City Council has allocated city general funds for Portland Main Street, and PDC has taken the lead on program implementation.

The goal is to assist in the revitalization of selected traditional neighborhood commercial districts. The Portland Main Street Program supports traditional commercial neighborhood districts by promoting and implementing the Main Street Four Point Approach®, currently in three districts in the city including Alberta, Hillsdale, and St. Johns. This approach helps builds partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders and encourages historic preservation. It promotes environmentally sustainable redevelopment, integrates cultural assets, and fosters entrepreneurial development.

The Portland Main Street-led Resource Team visited Alberta to create a set of comprehensive recommendations to assist the local neighborhood in achieving long-term revitalization and management of its commercial district. This Resource Team consultation is a service provided by PDC to Portland Main Street designated districts engaged in comprehensive revitalization efforts according to the nationally recognized Main Street Four-Point Approach®, developed by the National Trust Main Street Center (NTMSC).

The Resource Team, comprised of four commercial district revitalization professionals and staff from Portland Main Street, evaluated the progress of Alberta‘s Main Street program, presented observations of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the district, and made recommendations for revitalizing the district and ensuring the Alberta Main Street Program continues to move forward in building its program. The team‘s recommendations for implementing long-term, preservation-based revitalization goals for the business district are presented in this report.


About the Resource Team Members (click here for complete bios)

  • Kathy LaPlante, Promotion
  • Matthew Wagner, Economic Restructuring/Business Development
  • Anthony Rubano, Design & Sustainability
  • Elise Tinsley, Organization