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JULY 2017 – JUNE 2018 Alberta Main Street Work Plan

Alberta Main Street is pleased to share our annual work plan. We have many reasons to celebrate but still have more work to do, please help support our efforts and get involved!

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors builds and leads an organizational framework that is well represented by business and property owners, residents, public officials, and other community stakeholders.. A strong organization provides the stability to build and sustain a long-term effort.
2017 – 18 projects include:

  • Complete Strategic Planning Process
  • Explore sustainable funding options and engage commercial property owners in our work.
  • Foster relationship building by hosting stakeholder Mixers
  • Increase Board accountability and improve internal structure.
  • Provide support and resources to the equity advisory committee.
  • Recruit Board members/committee chairs that increase the diversity of the organization.

Design Committee

Enhances the attractiveness of the district. Building rehabilitation, street clean-up, banners, enhancements to public spaces, and lighting all improve the physical image of the district as a quality place to shop, work, walk, invest in, and live. Design improvements result public and private reinvestment.
2017 – 18 projects include:

  • Administer Matching Mini Grant Program
  • Complete Cultural/Historical Markers Project
  • Create opportunities for public interaction on Alberta Street
  • Explore Cigarette Waste Recycling Program
  • Manage maintenance of existing projects
  • Update Alberta Main Street District Design Plan

Promotion Committee

Promotes Alberta Street as the place to live, shop, eat and play for residents and visitors. Street Fair, retail events, and image development campaigns are some of the ways we encourage customer traffic. Promotion involves marketing an enticing image to shoppers, investors, and visitors.
2017 – 18 projects include:

  • Coordinate district-wide events including:
  • Alberta Street Fair,
  • September Sidewalk Sale and Winter Clearance Sale,
  • Trick or Treat Alberta Street,
  • Holiday Tree Lighting & Promotions, and
  • Earth Day District Clean Up
  • Develop and Produce District Marketing Collateral

Business Development Committee

Business Development
Analyzes current economic conditions and identifies opportunities for market growth. Supports existing businesses and works with commercial property owners to fill vacancies with businesses that strengthen the business mix and meet district priorities.
2017 – 18 projects include:

  • Complete and distribute results of bi-annual business census
  • Coordinate small business seminar series
  • Distribute new business owner welcome packet
  • Link businesses seeking employees to local job seekers, particularly people of color

Equity Advisory Committee

Alberta Main Street is forming an Equity Advisory Committee. This committee will provide guidance in planning and implementing Alberta Main Street work. The committee will help establish avenues to engage and support the inclusion of historically underrepresented stakeholders in our work of Alberta Main Street.


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