Community Plans

Community Plans

District Design Plan

Alberta Main Street, 2012

The Alberta Main Street District Design Plan is in effect an overall ‘master plan’ used to visually communicate with the community, the incremental change planned for implementation over time by Alberta Main Street.

A Walk Down Main Street

Catlin Gabel School PLACE Cohort, 2011

A Walk Down Main Street: The Catlin Gabel School PLACE urban studies class, working in partnership with Alberta Main Street, created a comprehensive addition to the Alberta Streetscape Plan (2000) suggesting ways to improve the walkability of NE Alberta St. through restructuring of lighting, wayfinding, and pedestrian safety.

Alberta Streetscape Plan

City of Portland, 1999

Alberta Streetscape Plan, 1999. The Alberta Streetscape Project was initiated by community members to plan and build transportation improvements that would improve the safety and visual quality of the street to support commercial and residential revitalization on and near Alberta Street.

Alberta Streetscape Plan, Recommendations for Public Art

City of Portland, 1999

The Public Art Recommendations are the result of the community’s desire to continue & enhance the grassroots art that has been created or commissioned by residents, business owners & property owners. The recommendations are intended to serve two purposes. They will guide the inclusion of public art into the streetscape improvements that will be constructed by the city and hopefully initiate, the creation of additional art on Alberta Street.

Albina Community Plan

City of Portland, 1993

Albina Community Plan, 1993. The Albina Community Plan “provides a comprehensive, realistic and coordinated strategy for building on the strengths of the neighborhoods in the Albina community. The plan protects what is unique to each of these neighborhoods and provides a blueprint for revitalizing areas that have suffered decline. ”

Alberta Street Cultural Resources Inventory


The 1992 Alberta Street Cultural Resource Inventory was designed to provide meaningful seasonal employment for its compilers, to develop a communicating network of concerned residents of all ages, and to provide a useful framework for enumerating and assessing the area’s most valuable assets-an initial, systematic listing of the community’s best building blocks for the construction of a better tomorrow.

Alberta Street Cultural Resources Inventory


The 2015 Alberta Street Cultural Resources Inventory with recommendations is an update and comparative analysis of changed conditions in the original Alberta Street study area a generation later – and provides a new series of recommendations that includes such current issues and concerns as neighborhood gentrification, gang violence, and “Last Thursday” cultural events.

Development Opportunity Strategy

Portland Development Commission, 1998

Alberta Street Development Opportunity Strategy, 1998. A study by the Portland Development Commission in association with Sabin Community Development Corporation and the Bureau of Housing and Community Development.