Our Work & Accomplishments

July 2015 – June 2016  work plan

Alberta Main Street is pleased to share our annual work plan and report our latest accomplishments. We have many reasons to celebrate but still have more work to do, please help support our efforts and get involved!

Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors is responsible for establishing program policy, approving the annual program budget and determining the goals of the program. All Board Members have responsibility for governance, fundraising and being an ambassador of the program within the community. In addition to program oversight the Board:
• Host Business & Property Owner Mixers
• Recruit new Board members that increase the diversity of leadership.
• Increase Board member accountability and improve internal structures.
• Explore sustainable funding options and engage commercial property owners in our work.

Equity Committee
Promoting equity and inclusion within our organization and community. We believe Alberta Street should be a place where all people from all backgrounds can thrive.
• Educate stakeholders about the history of the district working with the Design Committee on Historical markers project,
• Create an environment that supports existing and attracts new diverse business types and owners
• Develop Board member/volunteer mentorship program
• Work with design committee to do targeting outreach for the matching mini grant program (contingent on PDC funding)
• Strengthen volunteer outreach, recruitment and orientation program to ensure a welcoming environment

Design Committee
The Design committee is responsible for getting Alberta Street into tiptop physical shape including physical improvements to buildings, businesses and public space.
• Historical Markers/Cultural Artwork Project
• Administer matching mini grant program (contingent on PDC funding)
• Inventory, research and photograph Alberta Street art
• Manage maintenance of existing projects

Promotion Committee
The Promotion committee is responsible for promoting Alberta Street as the place to live, shop, eat and play for both residents and visitors.
• Pilot Retail Happy Hour
• Coordinate The 18th Annual Alberta Street Fair
• Organize the September Sidewalk Sale
• Coordinate Trick or Treat Alberta Street
• Coordinate Lit Up and Local: A Month of Merriment on Alberta Street
• Host the Earth Day District Clean Up

Business Development Committee
The Business Development committee is responsible for analyzing current economic condition and identifying opportunities for market growth, strengthening existing businesses, recruiting new, and supporting the overall health of the district.
• Coordinate bi-monthly seminar series
• Link businesses/local youth to mentorship and internships opportunities
• Create a new business welcome packet
• Conduct bi-annual business census to track economic indicators

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